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Tasting menu "delle Vigne"    

Jerusalem artichokes cream, beets and “Blue from Monviso”cheese

Tajarin with duck sauce, bacon and dried porcini mushrooms *

Seared cod with chickpea stew and crispy bacon

Orange parfait with meringue and tuna sauce at the Grand Marnier

€ 35.00

Tasting menu "dei Falò"

Fassona Piemontese raw meat cut with a knife *

Egg in cocotte with fondue and porcini *

Hand made ravioli with Bolognese sauce

Ox from Carrù cooked in Barbaresco and puff pastry

Hot hazelnut cake with fondant heart and zabaglione ice cream

€ 40.00

* Recommended combining with the Tartufo Bianco d'Alba (Price of the week)

Until 25 November 2018

Prices are excluding beverages, aperitif with nibbles welcome are offered.

If you order only one course, an extra cover charge of € 5.00 will be added.

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Proposals for tables over 10 people
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Piedmontese “Fassone”veal raw meat

Slow cooked veal with tuna sauce

Mixed mushroom pie, potatoes and toma d'alpeggio *

Creamy egg with fondue, thistles, cauliflower and black truffle *

Cod “in the green” with crispy polenta

Piemonte - Three tastes of typical Piedmont appetizers 


Hand made ravioli with Bolognese sauce

Hand made ravioli with roast gravy 

Hand made ravioli with wine Barbera d'Alba sauce

Tajarin with butter and cheese fondue, marinated yolk and black truffle *

Square ravioli stuffed with gorgonzola and honey with Madernassa pear and Nebbiolo sauce *


Veal scalded, Parmigiano fondue, celery flan and black truffle *

Veal cheek with mashed potatoes

BBQ pork ribs with chickpea sauce

Selection of cheese from Piedmont

Selection of cheese from Piedmont whit a glass of passito wine


Puff of peaches in syrup and amaretti with Saronno Amaretto sorbet

Crunchy gianduia with creamy hazelnuts

PATH OF PIEDMONT: Tasting of five typical Piedmontese desserts


Cream ice cream

Coffee ice-cream with hazelnut cake

Grape sorbet

Chinato wine sorbet with a little chocolate glass



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