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"Le vigne" tasting menu

Green soul with crunchy anchovies

Gorgonzola ravioli with Cervere leek cream

Lamb chops with seed breadcrumbs and tapani purée

Date mousse, crunchy panettone, chestnut ice cream and rum sauce



"i Falò" tasting menu

Raw meat of Piedmontese Fassona beaten with a knife

Raschera flan with caramelized wine reduction and Madernassa pears

Grandma Agnese's agnolotti al plin with meat sauce

Roero braised with polenta, pioppini and mushrooms

Sacher cake



IMPORTANTPlease kindly communicate any allergies or intolerances before ordering. In case of severe food allergies we ask you to notify the dining room staff as this exercise may not be able to serve you adequately.


Thanks for collaboration

The prices of the tasting menus are intended drinks not included

An aperitif with small welcome snacks are offered.

The consumption of a single course requires a supplement of € 5.00 as covered.

For tables over 10 people we invite kind customers to choose the same menu in advance.


16.00  Piedmontese Fassona veal tartare        3_12

16.00  Raschera flan with Roero caramelized Madernassa pears        3_7_12

16.00  "Green soul" with crispy anchovies       1_4

18.00  Fois gras, cherries with Vermouth and dried fruit brioches        1_3_7_8_12

22.00 Trio of appetizers with:

Piedmontese Fassona veal tartare

Raschera flan with Roero caramelized Madernassa pears

"Green soul" with crispy anchovies

First dishes

17.00  Grandma Agnese's Agnolotti al plin with meat sauce   1_3_7_9_12

17.00  Grandma Agnese's agnolotti al plin with roast sauce   1_3_7_9_12

17.00  Grandma Agnese's agnolotti al plin with Barbera reduction    1_3_7_9_12

16.00  Gorgonzola ravioli with Cervere leek cream    1_3_7_9

16.00  Carnaroli risotto with chestnuts, lard and rosemary (minimum for 2 people)    7_9_12

Second dishes

22.00 Lamb chops with seed breadcrumbs and tapani purée    9_11

22.00 Braised Roero with polenta, pioppini and mushrooms    1_9_12

28.00 Fillet of veal with walnut cream and thistles   7_8


18.00 Tasting of Piedmontese cheeses   7_8_12

23.00 Tasting of Piedmontese cheeses with a glass of Arneis passito   7_8_12


10.00   Sacher torte    1_3_7_12

10.00   Date mousse, crunchy panettone, chestnut ice cream and rum cream    1_3_7_8_12

10.00   Creamy mango, passion fruit and coconut granola    1_3_7_8


6.00   Cream ice-cream    3 _7

6.00   Fiordilatte ice-cream   7

6.00   Chocolate ice-cream   3_7

6.00   Nougat ice-cream    1_7_8


6.00   Ice cream with yogurt and berries   1_7_8

6.00   Peach and plum sorbet

6.00   Chinato wine sorbet with its small glass of chocolate   12


See the wine list
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